About Massage

Massage has been used for many thousands of years to enhance well-being. As our lives become faster and more hectic taking some time just for ourselves becomes increasingly important. Massage offers you the chance to relax, soothe away aches and pains, reduce stress and make you feel the best you can.

What is Massage?

Massage is not only a very enjoyable and extremely relaxing experience, there are also many physiological and psychological benefits to be gained from having a therapeutic massage.I have highlighted just some of the benefits you can expect to receive from a massage:

The physiological effects of massage are:

  • Improves blood flow around the body which helps the skin improve tone and colour
  • For those with respiratory challenges massage is ideal at deepening your breathing and therefore making it easier to breathe
  • Stimulates the lymph drainage network to improve the removal of toxins from the body
  • Relieves tired sore muscles
  • Relieves stiff joints which is very beneficial for arthritis sufferers
  • Promotes a feeling of calm and well-being
  • Can sedate or stimulate the nervous system
  • Encourages sleep, by relaxing the body and mind and is therefore ideal for those who have trouble sleeping


The psychological effects of massage are:

  •  Reduces stress by providing a time and safe space for you to relax
  • The feeling of touch is a valuable channel through which to boost well-being and self-esteem
  • Reduces anxiety and its effects by relaxing and taming the mind and helping stop over-thinking
  • Very soothing and comforting therefore lifts the spirits on an emotional level, increasing positive feelings
  • Increases the energy by invigorating all the body systems therefore reducing fatigue after the energy in the body is spent held in a state of tension and strain
  • Reduces the stresses and strains on the body caused by discomfort and therefore uplifts your spirits


Stress? Massage is one of the best known antidotes for stress

Reducing stress gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life, and in the process reduces your likelihood of injury and illness. Massage can also relieve symptoms of conditions that are aggravated by anxiety, such as asthma or insomnia. Massage can relieve many types of muscle tightness, from a short-term muscle cramp to a habitually clenched jaw or tight shoulders. Some massage techniques release tension directly by stretching, kneading, and compressing your muscles. Other techniques work indirectly by affecting your nervous system to allow your muscles to relax.

Delayed Muscle Soreness?

After vigorous exercise, a build up of waste products in your muscles can leave you feeling tired and sore. Massage increases circulation, which removes waste products and brings in healing nutrients.

Pain or Tingling in Arms or Legs?

Muscles can become so contracted that they press on nerves to the arms, hands and legs, causing pain or tingling. If this happens, a massage to release the contracted muscles can bring relief.


Massage can help heal injuries that develop over time, such as tendonitis, as well as ligament sprains or muscle strains caused by an accident. Massage reduces inflammation by increasing circulation to the affected area, which removes waste products and brings nutrients to injured cells. Certain massage techniques can limit scar formation in new injuries and can reduce or make more pliable the scar tissue remaining around old injuries.

Injury Prevention

By removing tension in the body, relaxing tight muscles and helping to lengthen them future injuries can be prevented


Want Better Posture?

Massage is incredibly effective at reducing stresses and strains on muscle groups. By removing that tension and tightness your body will be better aligned giving you better posture which will help tp prevent future aches and painds. Massage can also relieve the pain caused by back injuries. Please inform Aydan of any back and muscle injuries that you have.

How often should I have a massage?

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, want to improve your overall well-being or are very active then a weekly or fortnightly massage is a great way to make sure you are taken to tip-top condition and stay there.


What will happen at my first massage?

At your first massage Aydan will spend some time talking to you to understand why you have come for a massage and what you would like to gain from it. He will also take a medical history from you to make sure that he is aware of any parts of your body to avoid or to let you know that massage is not a therapy you should take.